Watch for litters expected this winter and spring 2020!



By mid-September the Litter B kittens are 12 weeks old and off to their new homes in cars and "...leavin' on a jet plane.."!


Amazingly, Freyja has given us a litter just like Litter A in color and gender. These little sweeties are calm when handled, chubby, and at the top of the kitten weight chart. Fortunately they do squeak when grumpy, so the other cats and I have been able to find them when Freyja sneaks them into our bedroom closet (under the lace, of course) or hides them in a box on a shelf in the basement. Freyja has been spending some time in detention in the "nursery"! (July 2019)


Freyja's LITTER B arrives 6/24/19!



Litter A

(4/2019) All 5 kittens are in their new homes at 12+ weeks. Two are together in MI.


Two are together in St. Paul, MN.


And one is in WI as an addition to a cattery.



Litter A is four weeks old on 2/21/19: Alette, Aldrik, Adar, Akira, and Aleah (names from Old Norse).


Fyrste is one year old on 2/21/19


"When the children are asleep we'll sit and dream ..."


LITTER A Freyja's and Fyrste's first kittens arrive on January 24, 2019! Freyja had two litters of 5 and 7 before she came to live with us.



(12/2018) EXPECTING!


(11/2018) Like a sweet old movie. "Catsablanca"?


Fyrste is loved and held by "Vikings" for four days! 

 (9/2018) The Norsk Hostfest of Minot, ND, is the largest annual Scandinavian festival in North America.  An email of enquiry resulted in seven-month-old Fyrste being invited  for the four days of the September 2018 Hostfest, with BJ along to make sure that people understood just how very NORWEGIAN he is!  (See History and Legends on Home Page.)  Fyrste melted into the arms of admirers from children to armed and helmeted "Vikings."  He thrived on the attention while BJ reconnected with friends and family.  The bonus was having a booth near to that of BJ's favorite HS teacher, Carolyn Sanderson Heller, lover of music and students.


Fyrste "the Prince" arrives!


"Where in the world is there in the world
A tom so extraordinaire?

C'est moi, c'est moi, I'm forced to admit.
'Tis I, I humbly reply. "


"Lady of the Lace"

  1. (6/2018)  Freyja hides in the folds of lace curtains.  She snuggles in lace blouses.  She naps in the back of our closet under the lace of my wedding gown.  She knows what it is to be Queen!