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Learn about and consider owning the majestic, intelligent, and loyal Norwegian Forest Cat.

Popular in Europe, NFCs are relatively new to the USA, arriving only in the 1970s.

The survival and purity of this unique breed are due to the commitment of breeders worldwide.

VikingTails cattery is pleased to be among them.

The Cats


Freyja (Norse goddess)

  • Born 8/29/15 in Siberia, Russia
  •  Champion at 7 months old
  • European Champion and Grand International Champion parents
  • Classic cream tabby
  • 5-generation PEDIGREE 
  • Thinks she's a dog
  • Knows she's a Queen


Fyrste ("Prince")

  • Born 2/21/18 in USA
  • World Grand Championship lines from Germany and The Netherlands
  • Brown mackerel tabby with white
  •  5-generation PEDIGREE 
  • When challenged, does not fight, does not back away -- a true peacemaker!
  • A tender friend and daddy 


and introducing MISS FORESTDOLLS FONN ("Snowdrift" in Old Norse)

from Forestdolls Cattery in WI.  She became part of the Vikingtails family in May to be the future mother of kittens which will combine Fyrste's amazing qualities with those of her ancestors, brought from Norway to The Netherlands and England.  Check out her 5-generation pedigree.  Moving in on established cats wasn't easy, but she refused to take "Scram" for an answer, and her winsome ways won!  At 5 1/2 months, she is already a favorite at our local nursing home. 


Summer litter arrived 6/24/19!

Five of the six have been claimed and by mid-September will live in CO, WY, and MN.  BODACIOUS Bruni ( the "red" one) is still available! Concurring with Philosophy and Purchase Agreement and $100 + $200 will reserve Bruni for you.  Purchase Agreement explains how to reserve a kitten from the next litter.  (See NEWS  for updates.)  Kittens are always:

  • raised  as  house-trained pets
  • immunized on schedule
  • current with health check
  • registered with TICA*
  • available at 12+ weeks to those who agree with Purchase Agreement and Philosophy


  • Pets, $1000 plus transport
  • Breeders, $2000 plus transport

*The International Cat Association    

Please read Philosophy and Purchase Agreement pages before inquiring about kittens.

About Bruni!

CURIOUS! Watches and investigates until he falls asleep!


Seeks kitten and human company!


"Just pick me up!"





  1. NATURE:  intelligent, friendly, brave, playful, territorial
  2. LANDRACE:  definition:  a domesticated breed which developed over centuries and adapted  to its natural environment while isolated from other breeds
  3. HEAD:  equilateral triangle; straight line forehead to tip of long nose                                            
  4. EARS:  large, wide, hairy, sometimes tufted                                                   
  5. EYES:  almond shaped, slanted, any color                          
  6. COAT:  almost any color, medium long hair, water repellent winter top coat over fluffy undercoat, full ruff                     
  7. BODY:  large, muscular, athletic, long bushy tail, fully mature in five years
  8. LEGS:  muscular; long, strong claws; hind leg "britches", tufted paws (toe feathers!);  hind legs longer than front, aiding in jumping and climbing down trees head-first


Might have come from Egypt, through Africa, Asia, and Near East on trade caravans

Were carried north from Byzantium, Russia, Turkey, and Britain by Norwegian soldiers and Vikings

Rode to Iceland and North America as mousers on Viking ships in 900s -- gravesites, carvings, and Maine Coon DNA show their presence

Survived and adapted for centuries in Scandinavian forests, gradually domesticating themselves to farms as mousers, companions, bride gifts,


Almost died out as a breed in Norway during WWII

Were slowly restored by dedicated Norwegian cat breeders

1957 -- named National Cat Breed of Norway by King Olaf V

1979 -- first pair arrived in the U.S. 1993 -- breed accepted for championship competition in U.S.

The Legends

In a contest of strength with Utgarda-Loki, Norse god Thor could not lift the giant cat.


Goddess of love Freyja used two giant cats to pull her chariot.


"Troll cats," later translated as "forest cats," roamed the woods.


About Us

Household cattery in SW Minnesota

After an unlikely internet contact, the first Norwegian Forest Cats we'd ever seen arrived at our door in June and July of 2018 from the Seven Streams Cymbrogi Cattery in Redding, CA (now in Medford, OR)!  We  brought home a lovely female kitten in spring 2019 from Forestdolls Cattery in WI.  VikingTails cats have tested negative for feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and heartworm.  We are a member of The International Cat Association (TICA).   

Be sure to check out our PHILOSOPHY, PURCHASE AGREEMENT, and NEWS pages.