Deposits are arriving on hoped-for spring 2020 litter!




Quotes about our kitties

     " He is such a lovely, sweet, affectionate little guy.  I love how loudly he purrs.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives."

      “Our vet says we have very beautiful, very healthy kittens.” 

      "New boy on the block has a lovely disposition.” 

      "I'm going to look up cat shows, and see if any are within driving distance. Then of course I have to be off work, but maybe I could pick up some points on him. He sure seems like he'd show well." 

       "Our vet says they are 'magnificent' kittens, and about 5.5 lbs each (at 4 months). That’s up almost 2 lbs from last time.  Our other cat is rather afraid of them, but we are working on it. We LOVE having them at the office!"  

       "(Rory) is a big boy!  We think he is about 10 lbs now!  Elsa LOVES to snuggle! So much so that I couldn’t find any recent pictures of her not snuggled up next to me or on my lap!  Haha!  And Rory loves getting his tummy scratched.  His fur is a bit thicker than Elsa’s so in this heat he usually prefers to find some cold floor to lay out on."   (6 months)

      "(Rooster) is the happiest boy on the planet!"

      "They (the veterinary staff) said she is beautiful and healthy as can be!"   (12 weeks)

      "He is smart, curious, energetic, and very affectionate. 100% sweetheart. Thank you for taking such good care of your kitties." 

     "He is absolutely huge, and gorgeous.  Totally friendly with (us).  Wants a rub down every chance he gets."   (9 months)

     "They are 10 months old today. And 12 pounds each! They are adorable, loving  cats. Leo is basically a golden retriever puppy in a cat suit.  He likes to lay in my arms like a baby and have his belly petted. Big, fluffy, goofy cat. Leah  likes to trap Leo in the laundry basket, has a shoe fetish, and is always scheming. But that sweet, sweet, face!" 

   " My in-laws were visiting last week. They aren’t animal people, but they  formed quite an interest in him. He’s such a charmer, but also very  mischievous. He is such a joy to all!"  

     "We are in awe of our little  Sandy. He’s just SO awesome. He’s incredibly patient with the (kids) and  was actually content and purring being held by a 3-year-old! We love him."

      "Thank you for sharing with us these two little beauties!  They are winning our hearts!" 

       "Leah  is 16.2 lbs. ...  We  love having them in the office, and they are  a hit with our clients and people walking by often pop in to pet them.  Sweet, sweet, kitties!

      " We did our first cat show with the girls this last weekend. ... the judges were impressed, especially with Katla’s beautiful breed presentation."

      " Everyone  who meets him absolutely  loves him. He is really the full package: beautiful, amazingly soft,  sweet, funny, and spunky. His tail is nothing short of impressive. My  other cats really like him as well, which as I’ve probably noted before  was a real surprise. He absolutely loves the  nerf gun and its bullets. He hunts them out and carries them around in  his mouth throughout the house dropping them in one of the water dishes  when he is done. He enjoys playing in the water, which can be messy. ... He curls up to me. It is  very therapeutic/relaxing."

     " Sandy is truly a unique cat. I can totally relate with the sentiment of  one of the owners of litter A in saying that 'he is a golden retriever in a cat suit' or something of that nature. ... His ability to jump is nothing  short of impressive, and he is growing like a weed.  I wish I could express how much joy he has brought to our family and really especially to me. He sleeps with (us) almost every night  and just loves being in everyone’s presence."  

     "...  two glorious, gorgeous, kitties ..."

     "... 9 months,  11 lbs. 2 oz. ..."