Watch for litters expected this winter and spring 2020!


Quotes about our kitties

     " He is such a lovely, sweet, affectionate little guy.  I love how loudly he purrs.  We are so blessed to have him in our lives." -- Blakari, Litter B    

      “Our vet says we have very beautiful, very healthy kittens.”  -- Akira and Aleah, Litter A

      "New boy on the block has a lovely disposition.”  --  breeder, Adar, Litter A

      "I'm going to look up cat shows, and see if any are within driving distance. Then of course I have to be off work, but maybe I could pick up some points on him. He sure seems like he'd show well." -- breeder, Adar, Litter A

       "Our vet says they are 'magnificent' kittens, and about 5.5 lbs each (at 4 months). That’s up almost 2 lbs from last time.  Our other cat is rather afraid of them, but we are working on it. We LOVE having them at the office!"  -- Akira and Aleah, Litter A

       "(Rory) is a big boy!  We think he is about 10 lbs now!  Elsa LOVES to snuggle! So much so that I couldn’t find any recent pictures of her not snuggled up next to me or on my lap!  Haha!  And Rory loves getting his tummy scratched.  His fur is a bit thicker than Elsa’s so in this heat he usually prefers to find some cold floor to lay out on."  --  Aldrik and Alette, Litter A, 6 months old!

      "(Rooster) is the happiest boy on the planet!" --  breeder, Adar, Litter A

      They (the veterinary staff) said she is beautiful and healthy as can be! -- Brigida, Litter B, 12 weeks

      "He is smart, curious, energetic, and very affectionate. 100% sweetheart. Thank you for taking such good care of your kitties." -- Bjorn, Litter B